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Mini Air Compressors

In many cases mini air compressors are all anyone needs. Unless you are going to be doing a large home project or automotive repair, a small compact easy to use mini air compressor has all of the features you are looking for.

A mini air compressor can provide over 120 psi of pressure and run on 12 volt power. They are ultra portable, often times being small enough to hold in a single hand.

They are invaluable when trying to remedy an unexpected flat or fix a bike tire.

Artists find mini air compressors an essential part of their airbrushing craft. There are many applications and accessories available for mini air compressors.

Things like blow guns, and extra hoses and inflation needles for sports balls. In the field of mini compressors there are dozens of companies and dozens of variations available.

To make this product with a simple basic function more appealing, compressor manufacturers have added other devices.

Things like flash lights and power packs are very popular combinations to find blended with mini air compressors.
Maintenance of mini air compressors is virtually nonexistent. Their units come as oil free compressors and are sealed and never require maintenance.

The prices of these devices are also low, between $10 and $80. The higher priced mini air compressors are rated as heavy duty and have features incorporated like overheating protection, auto shut off and extra accessories.

There are many manufacturers of mini air compressors. China and Taiwan make many of these products, especially for the budget priced markets.

Manufacturers like ZheJiang YuYao JinDun Equipment & Meter Co. Ltd. Make the model JD-0101 which is a compressor which would cost you around $10.

Neiko Tools USA makes a similar model the 250 PSI, which retails for about $20 but usually is on sale for $10 or $12. These products are value priced, and manufactured to be so.

Other companies such as Puma Air located in Taiwan manufacture higher end mini air compressors that are very popular in the U.S. and Canada. Puma manufactures the PN1004 1 gallon mini hot dog compressor and that retails for around $100.

For your basic $10 mini air compressor there are no added features. You would simply plug it in and use it. If it overheats, there is no protective auto shut off. With the simple models the output is much slower and it could take a few minutes to fill one average car tire with a necessary break before attempting another task, so as to allow the unit to cool.

In the more expensive models you can run the devices and not worry about damaging them.
Some cons of mini air compressors are that they are not capable of running as high pressure compressors.

They are also not capable of operating any normal sized pneumatic tools correctly either and are only able to run for short periods, a few minutes at a time.

Some pros to having a mini air compressor is its portable and light weight design, it’s versatile for the small tasks, very inexpensive and maintenance free.

Unlike complicated larger compressor setups, mini air compressors do not take up valuable floor space, they do not require oil and maintenance, they are versatile enough to maintain car tires, bikes, and operate small hobby or art tools like air brushes and blowers.

An average well made mini air compressor will run your pocketbook about $35-$45, and will last years.

Take it with you in your car for long road trips, use it camping, or keep it in the garage for the odd small task. No doubt your mini air compressor will be an invaluable investment

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